Netflix Predicts a Year of Growth and Momentum for Advertisers at Upfront 2024 

By Ruchi Roy / June 25, 2024

Advertise with us to reach the most engaged audience in the world was the resounding message Netflix sent to advertisers through its Upfront 2024 presentation in May.   The event showcased impressive subscriber growth strategic partnerships with industry leaders and unveiled new in-house ad tech to optimize ad campaigns and enhance brand visibility. With a…

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The future of TikTok: Who’s Going to Buy ByteDance?

By Jena Hodgson / May 24, 2024

With a user base teetering over 170 million Americans TikTok is not just another social media app—it’s part of our daily social regimen. But beyond its viral dances and insane memes is a tangled web of ownership that has come under intense scrutiny in the last year. The app’s connections to ByteDance, a Chinese tech…

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