Can We Get Meaningful Marketing KPIs Already?

By Lindsey Giardino / May 7, 2024

Here’s a fact you probably already know and have experienced firsthand … businesses are inundated with data. And not all of it is super helpful, especially vanity metrics like website traffic and social media likes.   And in an already crowded space of data, these vanity metrics just bog it down even more. They might offer…

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The Power of Storytelling in your Brand Campaign

By Lindsey Giardino / May 3, 2024

Let’s get romantic. Since the dawn of time, storytelling has shaped our culture, our history, and our worldviews. There’s serious power in storytelling, and if you want to elevate your brand to the next level, you better embrace it.  Effective brand storytelling has the ability to captivate audiences, create emotional connections and leave a lasting impression. Mastering…

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