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10 Best Advertising Management & Ad Spend Tools

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Steering through the maze of digital ad management requires not just any tools, but the sharpest tools in the shed. The online paid advertising landscape is a treasure trove filled with advanced gadgets and gizmos tailor-made to boost campaign performance.

Below, we’re sharing the lowdown on the ten ad spend tools every savvy marketer should have their eye on. These softwares do more than just assist–they inject your paid campaigns with precision, efficiency, and insight, empowering you to tackle the marketing game with confidence and a touch of genius.

Do you need an advertising management tool?

First off, ad management tools are essential for successful digital advertising campaigns. This type of advertising occurs via online channels, and includes pay-per-click (PPC), display ads, social media ads, and sponsored content. 

Most tools on the market offering a suite of features, ranging from AI-driven ad creation and A/B testing to CRM integration and task automation for project management.

Furthermore, real-time tracking, customizable reporting, and budget allocation for ROI are other common aspects you’ll find with this technology. They allow users to harness insights for strategic decision-making so they can continuously fine-tune their approaches for superior results.

The top ten ad spend tools to know in 2024

Here’s our curated list of the top ten tools found across the ad management scene, each designed to revolutionize a campaign’s efficiency and effectiveness from the ground up.

1) HubSpot Ad Tracking Software: The Central Hub

HubSpot excels in offering a centralized platform that effortlessly integrates with CRM software, making it simpler to track ad conversions and identify trends. Its AI-driven capabilities allow for crafting ads with just a few keywords, embodying both efficiency and effectiveness in ad creation and management.

2) AdRoll: The Retargeting Specialist

AdRoll stands out by offering sophisticated A/B testing options, ensuring your retargeting strategies are optimized for maximum engagement and lower PPC costs. It makes managing campaigns across various channels from a single dashboard look easy, embodying the essence of streamlined advertising management.

3) Wask: The Automation Master

With Wask, you gain access to advanced automation workflows that eliminate repetitive tasks, freeing up your time for strategic planning. It simplifies marketing project management and ad spend monitoring, ensuring you’re always on top of your game across all ad accounts.

4) RollWorks: The B2B Strategist

RollWorks offers a specialized approach to B2B advertising, integrating seamlessly with marketing CRMs and employing AI to target key decision-makers effectively. Its customizable reporting tools provide valuable metrics like conversion attribution, aiding in precise campaign optimization.

5) Influ2: The Precision Marketer

Influ2 focuses on person-based marketing with an emphasis on granular targeting and real-time tracking. Its easy-to-use interface ensures that you can launch highly targeted campaigns quickly, leveraging AI tools for optimized ad creation.

6) 6Sense: The Predictive Pioneer

As a software, 6Sense utilizes AI to predict the purchasing stage of prospects, enabling targeted campaign adjustments. Its comprehensive platform supports A/B testing, workflow automation, and integrates with CRMs for trend analysis, embodying a forward-thinking approach to ad management.

7) Marin Software: The Efficiency Enhancer

Marin Software emphasizes the importance of a central platform for managing multiple campaigns, alongside powerful A/B testing to refine strategies. Its real-time tracking and customizable reports on ROI and conversion attribution make it a go-to tool for marketers focused on performance and efficiency.

8) AdExpresso: The Social Campaign Barista

AdEspresso serves as a specialized tool for enhancing Facebook and Instagram campaigns, combining A/B testing, swift campaign setup, and detailed analytics into one powerful platform. It empowers marketers to precisely identify and deploy the most effective ad elements, leading directly to higher engagement and better campaign results.

9) Google AdWords: The Search Powerhouse

Google AdWords revolutionizes connecting with vast audiences on Google search, offering unparalleled targeting and automated real-time bidding optimization tools. It enables precise, efficient, and effective campaign management across text, image, and video formats, ensuring your ads reach the right audience at the right cost.

10) Albert: The AI Marketing Genius

Albert excels in automating and optimizing digital marketing, including the intricate realm of programmatic advertising. This self-learning AI streamlines ad planning, audience targeting, and budget management across search, social, and programmatic channels. It’s an all-encompassing tool designed to simplify your marketing efforts and maximize ROAS efficiently.

Cut to the chase

Whether your mission is supercharging efficiency, fine-tuning campaigns to perfection, or unlocking the mysteries of your ad spend, there’s a magical tool waiting to be your sidekick. Choosing your champion means aligning with your unique business goals and opting for a solution that brings the functionalities mentioned above to life.

Venture into this selection and see how these tools can turn your advertising endeavors into a smooth, powerful, and downright enjoyable adventure.

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