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Cutting through the MKTG: 10 actually good Martech tools to use in 2024  

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You can admit it … the amount of martech tools available on the market today is overwhelming, to say the least.  

There’s seemingly a software platform available for everything. Want to find out what keywords are currently trending in your industry? You got it. Need a site that can store all your digital assets? Check. Hoping to find something that will tell you the optimal time to brush your teeth. Sure thing! (Probably.)  

With the sheer amount of martech tools you can choose from, it’s hard to narrow down exactly what you need. But, if you’re on the hunt for something to improve your marketing capabilities, we’ve narrowed down 10 of our favorites to use in 2024.  

1. HubSpot 

Yes, we know this one isn’t new, but it’s tried and true and certainly has staying power.   

HubSpot offers a suite of marketing, sales and customer service software that helps businesses grow. It not only includes features for email marketing, CRM and social media management, but it can also bring all your teams together (from marketing to service) on one platform. 

HubSpot literally has a hub for everything: sales, content, operations, commerce, you name it. If you’re only able to have ONE martech tool, this is definitely a one-stop shop. 

2. AdRoll 

AdRoll boasts itself as the only marketing platform where ecommerce brands can run display ads, social media ads and email from one place. It also provides retargeting capabilities and advanced audience targeting features. 

AdRoll is with the times, too. It’s powered by machine learning, which allows it to make more predictions per second than the NASDAQ, targeting the right customers for your brand. That alone is selling point enough!  

3. Sprout Social 

Of all the social media management platforms, what is it about Sprout Social that makes it stand out?  

In addition to its being named G2’s #1 Best Overall Software Product for 2024, you don’t have to rebuild your tech stack.  

That means if you choose Sprout Social as your social media manager of choice, its global Salesforce partnership and social network will transition seamlessly with your current processes. It also offers premium services like tracking millions of conversations happening around key topics, finding vetted influencers, enabling employees to share brand content within a few clicks and more. 

4. Adobe Experience Cloud 

Adobe has got it all, but did you know it’s way more massive than just the big hitters like Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, et cetera? 

Adobe even has its own suite of marketing tools that includes Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Leveraging data from these solutions, businesses can gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, resulting in more tailored content and experiences for individual users. This, paired with Adobe Experience Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities, means you can make life easier by automating tasks, personalizing experiences at scale and optimizing marketing campaigns and more. 

Both small startups and large enterprises rejoice — Adobe is designed to scale with the needs of businesses of all sizes.  

5. Moz 

Here’s the long of it: Moz offers a suite of SEO tools including keyword research, site audits, rank tracking and link analysis. Users can also track their website’s performance, monitor keyword rankings, analyze backlinks and identify opportunities for optimization. 

Here’s the short of it: Moz improves your search engine visibility. 

This martech tool is also known for its popular video series, Whiteboard Friday, where SEO experts share valuable tips, strategies and insights. It has a thriving community of SEO professionals who actively engage, share and collaborate as well. Additionally, the organization conducts research and publishes insightful reports on topics related to SEO, digital marketing and online trends. 

Moz is simply a great all-around resource for all things SEO.  

6. Zendesk 

Martech tools exist to make your life as a marketer easier. So, its user interface better be intuitive and friendly to use, too.  

Zendesk does this perfectly. Its simple design and layout streamline customer support processes, reducing the time and effort required to resolve issues. 

The customer service software also helps businesses manage customer inquiries and support tickets across various channels, including email, chat, phone and social media. Its ticketing system enables businesses to organize and prioritize efficiently, and its powerful automation capabilities streamline and automate various tasks.  

Less work for you? Yes, please!  

7. Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

These days, Salesforce rules, and for good reason.  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a unified platform for managing customer journeys, email marketing, mobile messaging, social media and advertising. It’s homebase for everything you could possibly need when it comes to your marketing efforts.  

And since you likely know of all Salesforce does, let’s just highlight some words and leave it at that. 

Comprehensive suite of tools. Personalization at scale. Automation. Data analytics. Scalability. Community.  

8. Crazy Egg 

Some martech tools are more niche than others. Crazy Egg certainly is.  

This platform offers heatmaps, scrollmaps and other tools for visualizing user behavior on websites, ultimately helping businesses optimize their websites for better conversion rates. These services help with things like making sure your CTAs are being seen, tracking what’s going on behind pop up forms or placing content in the order of importance to your customers.  

Crazy Egg also does things like record the entire user session, offer an A/B Test interface, tracks website errors and so much more.  

9. Optimizely 

Do you ever go to bed hearing the word “optimize” ring over and over in your head?  

If you answered yes, congrats! You’re in the marketing field!  

Optimizely is an aptly named martech tool that allows businesses to test different variations of their website, apps and other digital experiences to optimize for better results.  

It does so, in part, by providing real-time reporting and analytics that allow businesses to monitor experiment performance and track key metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates and revenue lift. This enables businesses to quickly identify winning variations and optimize (there’s that word again!) their digital experiences for maximum impact. 

10. Drift 

From a customer standpoint, Drift might make one a little leery but trust us: this is the good stuff.  

Drift is a conversational marketing platform that helps businesses engage with website visitors in real-time through chatbots and live chat.  

Powered by AI, Drift automatically listens, understand and learns from buyers in order to create personalized experiences.  

It’s useful for not only generating leads (good for you) but also for providing customer support (good for the end user). 

Cut to the chase

2024 is full steam ahead, so get on board and step into the future of marketing by checking out one of these martech tools that are shaking up our industry.  

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